5 Secret Tips: How To Rank In YouTube Suggested Videos

Do you want your video to appear on other people’s channels based on their past viewing behavior?

If you ranked and YouTube suggested videos, you’ll get more views and subscribers.

In this article, I’m going to explain what YouTube suggested videos are?

Where to find them and I will give five tips on how you can rank for YouTube suggested videos.

So, what our YouTube suggested videos?

These are videos that are personalized based on the past viewing behavior of a viewer. Studies have shown that people will watch more videos if they’re recommended for a variety of different channels.

Suggest the videos are ranked to maximize engagement for the viewer.

For Example, I recently binge watched a bunch of music videos, as a result, YouTube suggested more music videos for me to watch.


So where can you find suggestive videos?

These are shown to viewers on the right side of the watch page, under up next the showing below the video. And the mobile app and the next video in order play.

They’re often shown to viewers alongside the current video that they’re watching. They’re usually videos that a top would be related.

So, they’re shown from the same channel or even from a different channel.

Where can you see which videos bring views to your channel via suggested videos?

Go to YouTube analytics visit the traffic sources report and click on suggested videos. You’ll also be able to see the titles of suggested videos.

Here are five tips to rank and YouTube suggested a video. Keep in mind that the YouTube suggested algorithm uses millions of factors to rank suggested videos.

I’m going to show you the five main factors.

[su_label type=”warning”]Tips 1:[/su_label] Create A Series of Some of The Videos: When you create a series of related videos, YouTube is more likely to recommend a video from your own channel than from a different Channel.


[su_label type=”warning”]Tips 2:[/su_label] Add Videos to A Playlist: This increases a watch time which is one of the main ranking factors on YouTube. Make sure you add your videos to an official playlist.

So, YouTube will recommend videos from that playlist based on the viewers past viewing behavior.


[su_label type=”warning”]Tips 3:[/su_label] Link to The Next Video: Link to the next video from cards and screens playlists in your description and even in your comments.

[su_label type=”warning”]Tips 4:[/su_label]  Create an Engaging Video: Create a video that your audience wants to watch. To do this you need to target the right audience.

You can do this by researching the proper keywords and optimizing your videos for those keywords.

Click here to learn how to properly tag your YouTube videos.

Check your audience retention graph to see when people are leaving your video.

Place a card right before they leave that links to a related video.

If they leave the video that the watching and watch another video and a playlist for instance. Then you’ll increase the watch time for that video.

A logo watch time will contribute to the ranking of suggested videos.

[su_label type=”warning”]Tips 5:[/su_label] Tell People What to Do in Your Video: If you want them to watch another video, give them a strong call-to-action by telling them why they should watch the next video.


Hope you understand how you can rank your video on YouTube suggested videos. Just follow these 5 tips and increase your views.

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Laila Hasan