Sales Funnel: How to Convert Our Site Traffic Into Customers

First of all, thanks for visiting my site. If you are a beginner in the field of online digital marketing and want to make money with affiliate marketing, then you must read this step by step affiliate marketing guideline.


Welcome! Before dive into the topic learn about the sales funnel. Why? because you have to learn it first for better understanding.

What is Sales Funnel?

This step is so important, and here we will learn how to convert the site visitors into the potential customers.

Maybe you are thinking what the differences between customer and visitor are and how is it possible. For understanding the whole thing, we need to know the basic steps of affiliate marketing.

When we are generating our affiliate link from any of the marketplace they are giving us a unique tracking id. After getting the tracking link our main task is sending traffic to that specific link.

We will only get the commission if someone purchases the product through our tracking link.

In this case, most of the beginners do a big mistake for quick earning. They send traffic directly to the product sales page. As a result they do not get best conversion rate.

There may have several reasons which we have discussed in the next part.

For selling our selected products, we shouldn’t drive them directly to the affiliate product. Instead, we need to create a sales funnel.

Why We Need Sales Funnel?

Before creating the sales funnel, we need to know why sales funnel is essential. I think, you already know the value of authority in marketing.

If you search for sales funnel, you will find a lot of blogs.

But I always try to make it easy understandable for my readers.  Let’s see the below image-


See the above image. Here I have tried to explain the whole process.

We need to generate the affiliate link from any marketplace and send traffic to this link. Now, if that visitor purchases the product, we get the commission.

Now, let’s know more basic rules and ask some questions ourselves.

Suppose, you are directly sending traffic to the affiliate link and spending $500 for getting 2k visitors.

Is everyone buying the products? What do you think?

Hope the answer will be NO.

In online marketing, we assume the conversion rate will be 1% to 5% or less than it. That means, if you send 100 traffic to the sales page, only one to five peoples will purchase the product.

Now think about the fact, if there is no sale from that traffic, will you get back your $500?

Yes, you will not get back the money.

So, the ultimate thing is, you spent the money for traffic, and someone else is beneficial for the traffic.

At the end of the month, you don’t have any profit.

Now, you may ask I won’t get a single sale, how is it possible!

There are two possible reasons behind this fact.

  1. Your audience targeting is wrong, or the ad copy is not so attractive.
  2. The audience doesn’t know about you, and they don’t trust you.

Professional marketers never drive direct traffic to the offer page. They don’t work for others to do their own business. So, they want to keep a list of customers so that he can do further marketing to the same people.

In the other hand, the pro level marketers doing the same thing but they are getting so many sales. How?


In the above image, you are seeing that we are sending the traffic to our own landing page. When the visitor is subscribing to our opt-in form we are collecting theirs email addresses and sending them to the products offer page.

Most of the marketers work with this model, and it is known as the sales funnel. This is a basic sales funnel. There are also some other advanced sales funnels where marketers can convert traffic into the customer.

2 Types of Ways You Can Move Forward

Before creating the sales funnel, you should know some other facts. There are two paths for moving forward your business.

  • Blogging
  • Quick list building

Marketing With Blogging

For working with blogging, you need to learn some essential facts. You may find some articles in online which is saying how you can earn from a blog within 30 days.

I have read lots of articles, and most of them are giving only a few hints. Those posts are not giving enough information for the beginners.

Again, you will also find some other articles that are only showing the quick methods of making money. That is not an authentic thing as you know.

If you want to run the business with blogging, you need to spend quality time with it. There you need to work on the site design and branding, content creation, marketing, etc.

Also, you need to spend enough money for the work. But yes, you can generate passive income with a blog.

Marketing with Quick List Building

Most of the successful affiliate marketers try to make their own subscribers list. Because, it’s easy to build an authority and make the good relation with the subscribers.

As a result they get most of the sales from email marketing. you know “Email marketing is the life blood of online marketing”.

In the internet marketing sector who have more lists we called him more richer. You can make a single page website for the list building you don’t have to give heavy effort.

If you are not a technical person then you need to use some tools for make it easy.

If you search on google then you will get a lot of sales funnel creation tools. Most of the marketers use for creating their sales funnel.

Because, its very easy for newbies and have a lot’s of options for scale up your business.

Learn how you can create a sales funnel.


So, the summary of the above discussion is, you can monetize your blog in different ways which are not possible with a single page. Again, you can generate a list within a short time with a one web page where you can do the marketing, and it is not possible with a blog.

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