5 Proven Paid Traffic Sources to Advertising Your Website

Are you wondering to see some online business that they are getting tons of sales? Well, the secret behind this success is the paid traffic.

It is true that you can get organic traffic to your site, but the whole procedure will take a lot of time.

Also, the process is not free at all. You need to hire different experts for generating traffic.

When you need regular sales, there is no alternative to paid traffic. There are different paid traffic sources where the ROI will be above average.

But, you need to select the paid traffic sources carefully so that you don’t lose your money.

Here I am going to share 5 paid traffic sources that will be effective in 2018.

Google AdWords


When anyone makes a list of paid traffic sources, Google AdWords will always be on the top.

This the most trusted and efficient way to get laser targeted traffic. Though the ad cost is a little bit high, but the result is amazing.

The interesting parts of this method are, you can target the traffic only who is tending to purchase from you.

You can target different age group, gender, buying behavior, etc.

So, when you show the ad in front of them, the purchasing ratio will be so high.

Bing Ads


Though Bing is not a giant search engine like google, but they also have lots of traffic.

Especially, when you want to promote some CPA offers, Bing ad is the most cost-effective way.

Like Google AdWords, you can optimize your ad for mobile traffic and local traffic. Even you can import the Google AdWords campaigns for Bing ads.

In Bing, you need to invest comparatively less money for advertising. Also, you will find coupons for ads all around the year.

So, you with this advertising method, you can make additional profit.

Facebook Advertising


Facebook is going to rule the traffic source industry in 2018. Facebook advertising is much cheaper than AdWords and Bing Ads.

Here you will get the detail demography of the audience.

You can optimize your ad for laser targeted traffic.

The best part is, Facebook is updating their ad performance more and more.

Also, you will find all those people in Facebook who are not using search engines.

Among different social media traffic, Facebook is the best.

Instagram Marketing


After purchasing Instagram, Facebook has updated the image sharing platform. Now they are giving a chance to advertising on Instagram.

If you are selling products for women, this can be the best traffic source.

Also, here you can spend in the influencer marketing. You can ask the popular Instagram account holder to shout out for you.

Though you need to spend money on it, but you will get instant result. If you are expert in negotiating, you can reduce the cost easily.

Here the benefit is, you will get followers to your account too.

Reddit Advertising


No matter in which niche you need to generate traffic, Reddit is suitable for it. There are millions of traffic on the site of reddit.

Here you can promote your products on different subreddits.

You can start with $5 budget per day. When you are getting enough result, can increase the budget.

Here you will find two ways to promote your site,

  1. one is the link ad.
  2. and the text ad.

Based on your niche and product, select the right one.

Final Verdict

I am not telling you that there are no more effective paid traffic sources, but the above platforms are the best. If you target the audience accurately and spend enough money for advertising, your success is guaranteed. However, these sources have some strict rules.

Read them carefully before you start.

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Lazuk Hasan

I’m Lazuk Hasan, Internet Marketer with over 7 years experience in Traffic Generation. It’s been a crazy ride and through my stories, guidance and tutorials on this blog. I want to help you do the same!