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Kartra Review: All In One Internet Marketing Software Platform

When you are thinking to start an online business, need to consider some essential things. There are different parts of the online business.

Here you need to drive traffic to your landing page, and you need to track your traffic. When you use different platforms for a variety of steps such as sales funnel, email marketing, etc. it wastes your time.

But there is a revolutionary solution to this issue. Now you can do everything in a single place which is Kartra.

What is Kartra?

Kartra is an online platform where you will get everything you need for starting an online business.

This is a successful project for some online marketers. This is the result of years of research. This place is offering so many products and the support that you need for selling and making a profit from that business.

In one place, you will find the solution for a powerful email marketing way, rich membership sites, outstanding marketing pages, flexible shopping carts and more.

Are you thinking to perform some split tests with your marketing campaign?

There is nothing to be worried. Here you will get the chance to test your products with different audience groups. Also, there is a live chat for you where you will get instant solution for most of the issues.

Features of Kartra

Here are the top features of Kartra which will make your online business journey smooth.

Creating a Product

With the Kartra’s multiple price point configurations feature for products, it is easy to offer different tires service to your audience.

You can also offer bundle products to your visitors. The best part of the "product creation" option of Kartra is, here you can ensure a higher ROI.

With a few simple steps, anyone can start offering products.


Before selling your products, need to configure your product’s selling parameters in Kartra. In this step, you need to set up the price, payment options, and the purchasing system.

You need to set the Merchant Gateway. This is the system for your audience how they will purchase the product and make a payment.


You can set one-time payment, or you can also set the recurring payment system. If you are selling something where you need a single payment, doesn’t require many things.

Just set the payment and you are done.


In Kartra, you will find an option named my campaigns. Here you can control the leads, subscribers, and customers. There are three tabs in this option from where you can control everything.

The options are leads, campaigns area, and the Integrations tab.


In the lead tab, you can upload a CSV vile of leads to import to your list. You can also tag your leads accurately in this ta.

In campaign areas, you can broadcast emails to your lists and create sequences such as forms, emails, shopping car pages and more. You can also observe the live stat.

In the integration system, you can add emails and SMS gateways to send messages.

My Pages

In Kartra, you can connect all your pages. Create different pages for your business. This is not all about the landing pages.

You can keep the email subscription, sales, and the thank you pages. Also, it is giving the opportunity to set the upsell and down-sell like a professional product selling page.


Here you will get the opportunity to host your site both on the Katra’s platform or your preferred server. Each page in Kartra will be responsive.

That means you don’t have to worry about the responsive outlook. Kartra has developed to show all the pages in the responsive layout.

My Forms

Suffering to create your form for the audience?

No more worry, now you can create a form with the Kartra, form builder. It allows the users to create stylized and responsive opt-In forms without any coding knowledge.

Here you will get the default form which you can edit according to your need. The form works better with the Kartra pages.


The interesting thing about Kartra form is, you can do everything with the drag and drop system. You can use two different styles which are the form with HTML and Java-based form.

Most of the basic info fields are already available in the form builder. However, you can remove them whenever you want.

You can even do the automation for the forms.

My Memberships

Kartra has an option named membership. In this tab, you can check all your members.

For this, you need to go to the “My Memberships.” This will be on the left sidebar. There you will see the list of memberships.

There will be four different options in this section which are the edit, moderation, login, and the members.


You can filter your members based on different parameters. It is easy to do, and there is no need for any technical knowledge.

You can even add free members in the list. You can offer free membership by creating a different form for the visitors.

My Videos

Video marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies. It brings more organic reach. You can promote any products with the video marketing.

When you are uploading videos, just use the Kartra’s video uploading system.

You can overcome the technical issues for uploading a video for your marketing campaign.


It allows the users to add a call to action even in the mid of the video. It will remember when someone has left the video in the middle of it.

Based on this, you can set the follow-up marketing strategy which will help you to generate more leads.

My Help Desk

Kartra has a dedicated help desk for its users. Suppose you are in the mid of a set up for the marketing purpose and you do not understand what to do next.


Just go to my help desk, and you can contact them with the live chat options. So, there are no issues when you need helps instantly.

My Affiliate Promos

Suppose you want to give some promos to your audience. What will you do? You will use different coding and on the landing page, right?


But Kartra has made it easy. You can easily add some affiliate promos for your audience. Just go to the affiliate options and then to the settings or the Payment history.

Set how much discount do you want to give to your audience. It will take a few minutes for setting the promo for some specific audience.

Full Analytics

Kartra has the analytics for its users. You can get the detail of your marketing campaigns. From tracking and follow up email to the audience behavior, you can observe everything using this feature.


It is not available in most of the conventional marketing platforms. Kartra has an easy to understand marketing analytics system.


You can use the graph section or the list section for getting the detail analytical data of your audience.


Have you heard the term about marketing automation? Most of the advanced marketers use the automation system for their marketing campaigns.

This feature lets you create a customized response based on an action, situation, or condition.


For example, if your lead clicks in the email link, Kartra will keep them in a different section.

In the next step, you can send them the follow-up emails which will increase the sale.

Maybe you are wondering how this platform is giving all these facilities in one place, right? You can check the software with a minimum cost.

Just start with the $1 trial.

After using all its features, you will realize why people are recommending and using the platform. That means, there is no risk for your investment.

Who is Kartra for?

Kartra is a platform which is suitable for any person who is doing online business. Especially, if you are an affiliate marketer and looking for the best solution, Kartra is the right thing for you.

It will help you to keep everything in the automatic mode.

So, you don’t have the check each thing on a regular basis. Also, it will save the time for the other marketing campaigns.

Clickfunnels vs. Kartra

Click funnel is a popular way for the affiliate marketing. If you are comparing In Clickfunnels, you are not going to get most of the unique features like Kartra.

In Kartra, you will get the opportunity for complete affiliate management. From split test to email follow up, everything is easy with the Kartra software.

The 360-degree analytics give you more data than the conventional click funnel.  It is easy to understand, and anyone can start without any particular instructions.

You will have all the features that marketers use from different platforms.

There are tons of templates in Kartra from where you can choose the best one for your next marketing campaign.

The best part is, without any third-party software, you can perform the split test or A/B testing for the promotion.

What Do People Think About Kartra?

Most of the affiliate marketer and online business owner has loved this platform. Marketers who are using the platform has said that “this is the platform where I can do everything without visiting any third-party sites.

They also added that it is saving their time and they can focus on more businesses.


  • No need of much technical knowledge.
  • Everything is in one place.
  • Dedicated live chat option for the users.
  • Easy to use like plug and play.
  • Time-saving platform for all essential services.
  • Cons

  • In some templates, you can’t do much customization.
  • You need to follow the particular way of Kartra.
  • Conclusion

    All Over Rating:

    As an affiliate marketer, I have used different platforms for my online business. In the conventional method, I can’t connect all my pages in the same place.

    But, Kartra has made it easy for me. Now, I can send emails directly from this place.

    Also, I can send the follow-up emails without any third-party software.

    There is no need of technical knowledge in the most of the cases. If you want to increase the ROI of your business, there is no alternative of Kartra.

    The best part is, you can start with a minimum $1 investment for the trail of this software.

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