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Index Your Site: Get Google to Instantly Index Your New Blog Posts

When you are making your website, what is the aim of your site? Getting traffic, right?

The best organic traffic source is the search engine. But, before you are getting traffic from the search engine, you need to index your site.

It’s like including a page in the book. If the page is not available in the book, readers can read it.

The same thing is real for a website, if the search engine hasn’t crawled your web page, people will not be able to find it.

If you do nothing after publishing a new blog post, it will take a long time to index the post. But you shouldn’t wait for that.

With a few tricks, you can index even a new blog post instantly. If you are wondering how is this possible, then read the whole article.

In a few minutes, I am going to explain the way that you can follow to get index your new blog post.

Get to Google Webmaster Tool 

This is the most popular way to get index your new blog post. Also, it is a safe method where your ranking is not going to be hurt.

First of all, you need to create your Google Analytics account and Google Webmaster Tools.

These tools will show the real state of your site.

Once you have signed up for the account, go to the section Fetch as Google bot section.


There you will find an option for inputting the URL of your new blog post.

Enter your URL in the box and click on Fetch.

Then click to Submit to Index. Google will index that web page.

The limitation of this method is, you need to do the work manually each time. Also, you can submit maximum 500 URLs per week.

Publish Quality Contents Regularly 


You should maintain a schedule for posting new contents. When you are managing a time frame, Google will keep an eye on your site.

So, whenever you publish a new post, Google crawler robot will crawl that page.

You also need to publish quality contents. It needs to be resourceful. Also, follow all the steps of on-page optimization.

Word count plays a vital role in indexing. If you are publishing long contents, it is going to be indexed faster.

You should write at least 500+ words for each new blog post.

Before you search, web crawlers gather information from across hundreds of billions of web pages and organize it in the Search index.

Create Social Profiles 

Proper use of social networks will help you to get index your latest blog post faster than ever.

Create social profiles on the popular social networks including Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter. Try to get lots of retweets and Google+ for the new post.

This will increase the chance of getting indexed the post.

There are some syndication tools that you can use to post on all social networks at a time.

In this method, you can save your time. Just publish the post in the syndication tool, and it will publish the post on all social networks.

Create Inbound Links 

Proper structure of inbound links helps to index a new post super-fast.

Whenever you are releasing a new blog post, give a link from an older popular post.


This helps Google to invent your new post easily.

This method is also helpful to pass the link juice to your new posts. As a result, your post may rank for the related search terms within a short time.

Final Verdict 

No matter how much effort are you giving to publish new contents if it is not indexed. There are also some premium tools for indexing. But, if you do the above works correctly, you will get index your new blog post within a short time.

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