First of all, thanks for visiting my site. If you are a beginner in the field of online digital marketing and want to make money with affiliate marketing, then you must read this step by step affiliate marketing guideline.


In the previous post you already learned about how you can create your sales funnel, and you also knew earlier creating the landing page. For this, we need to set up the destination and the plan.

We said we could start in two different ways which are blogging and a landing page.

In this post, we will learn how to create a single page website.

What is the Goal of Our Landing Page?

First of all, you need to think what the goal of our landing page will be.

The main objective of our landing page is, collecting the email list for the further marketing and promoting our affiliate products through the email.

It is notable that, in my personal experience, I have seen that email follow-up can increase the the conversions up to 15 to 20%.

For making a high converting landing page, you just need to keep the essential elements of the landing page. These items will help to generate sales and subscribers.

The vital elements for landing page are-


In this heading, you should give a clear idea to your visitors what they are going to get from this page.

For making this thing easier, here I am going to show a landing page so that you can understand which sections you need to keep on the landing page.


See the above image; this is a screenshot of one of my landing pages. This is not a fancy design.

But, this landing page is comparatively successful than the other pages.

Here I am going to share in step by step which elements have I used.

I have used “100% STEP BY STEP VIDEO TRAINING” as the Pre-headline.

I wanted to make sure that my visitor can’t guess that I am selling something to him.

Here I am giving a valuable video to my visitors, and they don’t need to spend money for it.

 Main Headline

The main headline says what you are going to give to your subscribers.

In this point, you need to clarify what your subscriber is going to get.

Make sure that this headline is attractive enough so that the visitor wants to enter in the next page.

In the following image, I have shared what I have said to my visitors.

Here I have talked about ranking a YouTube video in just seven days and how to make money from it.


After seeing the above headline, maybe you are thinking how it is possible? And maybe you are also interested to learn about this topic too?

You need to generate headlines like this.

For making attractive headlines, you should do brainstorming.

There are also some tools that you can use for idea generation.

Example: , Hubspot


Sub-headline is not so important. But, it works well, and you can call it as the lead magnet. Because I am giving some additional info in this headline for convincing the visitor to take an action.

landing page call to action

See the above image. Here I am saying to my visitors that “make money using affiliate & video marketing.” Here I am adding two additional interest for my visitors.

Some of my visitors may know about the affiliate marketing or video marketing, so here I am inviting them to see these two things together. T

his increases the interest of the traffic.

Call to Action

The most straightforward meaning of the call to action is, I am suggesting the visitor take an action. For example, it can be a page like or subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Here, the main call to action is submitting the email to the landing page.


By seeing the above image, you understand that here I have used the “Watch Now” button and whenever someone will click that button, he will see a pop-up form like the following image.


Here I am saying to watch the video by submitting the email address.

The button and the form that I have used on the landing page is called the call to action.

Social Proof

Social proof is so important for the landing page. Just think about a Facebook fan page.

If the page has lots of likes, we trust that page, right?

And if you find someone on that page which is familiar, you think the page is giving something better.

This is a psychological game.

Social proof can be various types. For example, it can be a testimonial or a social comment on a social page.


In my landing page, I have embedded my social page as social proof.

There are 116k followers on my Facebook Fan page. Here I have given the page so that if a visitor comes to my site, he can see the social proof with lots of visitors.

It will help me to convince the traffic.

Because he will see there are 116k followers on my page and he can trust this source.

Essential Pages

This section is so important if you are planning for paid advertising to generate traffic.

Your page should have the Terms And Conditions, Privacy Policy, DMCA, etc. legal pages.

Without these pages, Google, Facebook or Bing will now allow you to do advertising.

Step By Step Guide To Creating A Landing Page

Till now, we have learned which elements should we keep on the landing page.

Now, we will learn how we can create a landing page from the scratch. There are different service providers for creating a landing page.

The most popular funnel creator is (I personally use this tool for creating my landing page)

Create Landing Page With ClickFunnel

First, you need to create an account by visiting ClickFunnel. (Register from here for getting 14 days FREE trial.)

Then you need to log in to the further steps.

After log into your account, you will see a page like the following image.


At first, you have to click in the “add new funnel” button. After clicking this button, ClickFunnel will show a pop-up where we need to select our goals.


Since our main goal is collecting the email from visitors, we will click on the collect email button. We will give the name of the landing page with the group tags. Here you can use any name for identification.


After writing the name of the funnel and the group tag, we will click on the build funnel button. A few moments later, clickfunnels will create a basic funnel for us.


See in the above image, clickfunnels has created a basic funnel.

See there are two pages. The first one is the opt-in page and the second one is the thank you page.

We have learned before which things we need to keep in the sales funnel.

If you click on the opt-in form menu in the left sidebar, will find some prebuild templates.

From here, you can design a landing page according to your preferences. just after clicking on the design button, it will be set for the landing page, and you will find the design option for customization.


See in the above image; there are different options from where you can use the necessary elements for your landing page.

You can also design the landing page.


Once you have finished the design, you will find a link to the above image and this link is the landing page link, and there will be the sales funnel.

Hope now you know how you can create a landing page with less effort.


Getting the high conversion you have to create a good landing page and use any premium tools like ClickFunnels. Remember about the landing page elements and start creating your first sales funnel.

Info: ClickFunnels (Get 14 days Free trial now!) For any help please contact me directly.

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