Giveaway Report Ideas: 21 Red-Hot Ideas for Your Next Small Report

Welcome back! There are so many different types of reports that you can write and which is highly desirable resources to sell online.

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Over the next two lessons, we will examine 21 different “kinds” of small reports that you can create. Use this list to brainstorm ideas for your next small report (and all those to follow!)


How-To Tutorials

Our index begins with the classic “how-to” tutorial. This style of report is organized in a systematic, step-by-step approach to accomplishing a task. The steps are most commonly organized in chronological order.

These are generally known as “systems”, “formulas”, “checklists” or “blueprints”. A few examples include:

  • How to Design a Web Page in 5 Easy Steps
  • How to Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days
  • How to Meet The Woman Of Your Dreams
  • How to Make Your First $1,000 Online
  • How to Teach A Sunday School Class
  • How to Make a Small Fortune Online With Small Reports

Frequently Asked Questions

Another style of report is what I’ve labeled, “frequently asked questions”. In this model, you would take 10-20 of the most asked questions about a particular topic and answer them in your content. This is one of the easiest kinds of small reports to create because outlining is simple due to the Q&A style:

  • List the question.
  • Answer it.

While you’ll want to create a better title than the ones below, here are just a few ideas for how this kind of small report might be created:

  • Top 20 Questions About Home-schooling
  • Top 20 Questions About Generating Site Traffic
  • Top 20 Questions About Saving A Marriage
  • Top 20 Questions About Adopting A Child
  • Top 20 Questions About Starting A Membership Site
  • Top 20 Questions About Self-Publishing



Moving from questions that YOU answer questions that SOMEONE ELSE answers are another way to write a small report. An “interview” small report is, not surprisingly, a series of questions that you pose to one or more qualified experts to create the content you’ll be selling.

Again, these aren’t “titles” for your small report, but these are some things you might do for a handful of different topics:

  • Ask a fitness trainer questions about weight loss.
  • Ask a charity chairman questions about fundraising.
  • Ask a travel agent questions about discount travel.
  • Ask a loan officer questions about securing a mortgage.
  • Ask a real estate broker questions about selling/buying a home.


Another very popular kind of small report is what I’ve labeled the “list”. It is simply a listing of ways, strategies, tips, secrets, tactics, techniques, habits, exercises, principles, etc. with a detailed description of each entry to the list.

Some examples of this kind of small report include:

  • 7 Ways To Automatically Burn More Calories
  • 5 Little Known Weight Loss Strategies
  • 50 Email Marketing Best Practices
  • The 3 “Advantages” You Need To Beat Your Tennis Rivals
  • Top 10 Time Management Tips You’ve Never Been Told

Case Study

This report shows how you or someone else achieved a specific result.

A few examples include (these are ideas, not titles):

  • Learn How 7 Stay-At-Home Moms Each Lost 20 Pounds
  • The Machine Weight Workouts of 7 Top Fitness Trainers
  • Outreach Program Plans of the 10 Fastest Growing Churches
  • 10 Affiliate Marketing Campaigns You Can Legally “Steal” And Use to Promote Any Program You Want

Resource Directory

The next kind of small report is the “resource directory”. That is, you would include a group of related entries of resources (usually indexed categorically and then alphabetically) along with their contact information such as website, phone number and or mailing/physical address.

A few examples of this kind of small report would include:

  • The New England Bed And Breakfast Guide
  • The Wholesaler’s Resource Guide for Import
  • The Christian Publisher’s Resource Guide
  • The Product Duplication and Fulfillment Source Book
  • The 101 Most Fun “Kid Friendly” Web Sites
  • The Top 50 Recommended Home-Schooling Resources

Idea Generators

Up next we have the “idea generators” style of small report. This particular kind of report is a best described as “a series of prompts to help the reader brainstorm ideas”.

Here are a few different examples:

  • 101 Idea Prompts for Fiction Writers
  • 75 Starter Questions for Small Group Discussion
  • 97 Winning Ad Headlines For Your Sales Letter Swipe File
  • 101 Best Prayer Starters For New Christians
  • 101 Fill-In-The-Blank Internet Auction Templates
  • The Ultimate Book of Ideas for Home-Schoolers

The First Year

In this kind of small report, you’d walk a newcomer through the first 12 months of a particular endeavor.

Some examples are:

  • The First Year of Parenting
  • The First Year of Home-schooling
  • The First Year of College
  • The First Year of Internet Business
  • The First Year of Life After Loss of Loved One
  • The First Year of Teaching
  • The First Year of Youth Ministry
  • The First Year of Living With M.S.

Niche Business

Instead of selling general marketing information to other marketers, teach niche business owners how to market. ALL business owners, regardless of what their business is, need more customers.

Some examples are:

  • The Christian Bookstore Owner’s Guide To Marketing
  • The Pet Store Owner’s Guide To Marketing
  • The Personal Trainer’s Guide To Getting More Clients
  • How To Quickly And Easily Get More Real Estate Referrals
  • A Crash Course In Free Publicity For Independent Singers
  • A 10-Day Plan For Promoting Your Craft Show

The Bridge

I’ve labeled this next kind of small report “the bridge”. The idea is to combine two seemingly unrelated topics into one small report.

Some examples are:

  • Time Management For Single Parents
  • The Internet Marketer’s Diet
  • How To Make Money Selling Baseball Cards on Ebay
  • The Educator’s Guide to Becoming A High-Paid Public Speaker
  • Success Secrets For Small Business Owners
  • The Home-Schoolers Guide To Working At Home


With this kind of small report, you would focus on ways to save time or effort in accomplishing a specific task without sacrificing any benefits or quality. Some examples are:

  • 17 Money-Saving Shortcuts For Buying A New Home
  • 10 Shortcuts To Mastering Your Golf Game
  • Top 10 Shortcuts For Using Adobe Photoshop
  • 5 Simple Shortcuts For Acing The SAT
  • 7 Shortcuts For Planning The Perfect Wedding
  • Shortcuts For Writers: How To Write Faster, Easier and Better

Advanced Guide

There is a huge market for “advanced” information in just about every field.

Some examples are:

  • A Field Guide To Advanced Bird Watching
  • The Advanced Guide To Playing Poker
  • Advanced Affiliate Marketing Strategies
  • Tennis Drills For The Advanced Player
  • 7 Advanced Selling Strategies For The Car Industry
  • Advanced Madden 7 Strategies: How To Beat Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime!

Time Frame

With this kind of small report, you would focus most of your “positioning” on the TIME FRAME in which the task can be completed. More important than getting results knows how long it’s going to take to get those results (assuming it’s not long!).

Some examples are:

  • How To Make Money Online In 10 Days Or Less
  • The 7-Day Weight Loss Plan
  • Rapid Restoration: Save Your Marriage In The Next 24 Hours
  • The Ultimate Guide To Writing Your Book in 30 Days
  • 21 Days Of Breaking Any Habit, Addiction or Weakness
  • How To Sell Your House In 2 Weeks Or Less


There are times in life when, quite frankly, a solution to a problem isn’t possible. All marriages aren’t reconciled, all finances don’t recover and all heart attacks can’t be avoided. Sometimes difficult times do come and they must be dealt with.

In the “survival” type of small report, you would teach your readers how to deal with a problem that they cannot avoid.

Some examples are:

  • How To Survive Divorce And Learn To Love Again
  • How To Survive Bankruptcy And Rebound Financially
  • How To Survive A Heart Attack And Live Without Fear
  • How To Survive The Can-Spam Law And Still Profit With Email
  • How To Survive Menopause Without Destroying Your Relationships
  • How To Survive A Church Split And Still Lift Up Christ


Some of my most popular small reports ever have been “planners”. For our purposes, a “planner” is simply a set of activities arranged in a daily schedule as a sort of checklist to work through.

Why do people love them? Because it allows them to stay on track.

They see a set of action steps to complete for Monday, then Tuesday, then Wednesday and so forth. Most people find it much easier to actually do something when it’s arranged in this kind of order.

Note: This is one of my top recommendations for a small report.

Every small report author should write at least one of these “planners” to sell online.

Some examples are:

  • The 7-Day Checklist For Writing A Small Report
  • The 31-Day Guide To Powerful Prayer
  • The Navy Seal’s 7-Day Ab Workout
  • The 4-Week Wedding Planner And Organizer
  • The Smart Home-Schooler’s Daily Schedule
  • 33 Days To Internet Marketing Success

What To Do When

This is another classic example of the “problem/solution” format. It’s just expressed in a different way. The idea here is to inform the reader what they should do when they find themselves facing a specific problem that can still be remedied.

A key is to focus on as specific information as possible in your title.

Example: It’s not “What to Do When You Want to Lose Weight”, but rather “What To Do When You Want To Lose That Last 5 Pounds”.

Some examples are:

  • What To Do When You Need To Lose That Last 5 Pounds
  • What To Do When You’re Raising A Strong-Willed Child
  • What To Do When Your Spouse Wants A Divorce
  • What To Do When You Worry Too Much
  • What To Do When Someone You Love Is Battling Addiction
  • What To Do When You Can’t Get Pregnant

Pop Culture Lessons

This kind of small report is for the creative writer. If you’re not creative, then feel free to move on to #18.

The idea here is to share lessons that you’ve gleaned from pop culture.

Example: Movies, music, lifestyles, fashion, entertainment, cooking, etc.

One of the reasons why this is usually a very good seller is because of its inherent ability to create curiosity. Some examples are:

  • 3 Word-Of-Mouth Marketing Lessons From The Academy Awards
  • What I Learned From Victoria’s Secret About Wooing Women
  • The American Idol Fan’s Guide To Relationships
  • The Survivor Success Model For Achieving Your Dreams
  • How To Turn “You’re Fired” Into “You’re Hired”
  • Everything I Know About Dieting I Learned From Shrek

Current Events Tie-In

Another great idea for your next small report is to tie-in the content to an upcoming holiday or event. The reason this is such an effective report is that it has a natural “urgency” trigger.

In other words, the potential customer needs to buy your small report NOW in order to reap the benefits by the imposed deadline.

Some examples are:

  • How To Lose 10 Pounds Before Spring Break
  • 17 Ways To Save Money On Christmas Gifts
  • How To Take The Summer Vacation Of Your Dreams… For Free
  • How To Land The Deal Of a Century At This Year’s Convention
  • 10 Ways To Raise Funds Before April 15th
  • The Last-Minute Shopper’s Guide For Planning A Great Anniversary

Save Money

There are two big opportunities that I feel are missing in most niche marketing as far as topics for any kind of product (especially “small reports”). I’ll discuss the second one next.

For now, I want to mention the category of “save money”.

The idea here is to create a small report that teaches the reader how to save money or completely eliminate the cost that is associated with a particular activity.

Think about the appeal of this particular kind of small report: You’re offering the reader the opportunity to reduce (sometimes GREATLY reduce) the costs associated with something they are going to do anyway!

Who wouldn’t pay $10 for your small report if it’s going to save them $20, $50, $100 or even more?

Who wouldn’t pay $10 for your small report if it’s going to allow them to reduce their costs EVERY TIME they complete a particular task or participate in a particular activity?

Two words for you: Goldmine.

Some examples are:

  • How To Save At Least 25% On Your Grocery Bill
  • How To Take A Cruise Without Spending Any Money
  • 7 “Tricks” For Getting A Homeowner To Lower The Asking Price
  • How To Buy A New Car Below The Dealer Invoice
  • The Golfer’s Guide To Buying Equipment At Wholesale Prices
  • 5 Sure-Fire Ways To Save Money On Your Home-Schooling

Make Money


The other untapped opportunity is teaching people how to “make money” doing something they are already going to do anyway.

Who wouldn’t want to make money with their favorite hobby? Who wouldn’t be interested in generating cash doing something they enjoy? Who wouldn’t want to get paid to do something they are already going to do?

Two more words for you: Goldmine.

When you find a passion for your target audience and then deliver a small report that teaches them how to make money from that passion, you’re certain to have a hit on your hands.

Some examples are:

  • How To Make Money Selling Baseball Cards On Ebay
  • How To Make Money Selling Hard To Find Books On Ebay
  • How To Write An Info product About Lowering Your Golf Score
  • How To Start A Christian Bookstore With Virtually No Budget
  • How To Turn Your Hobby Into An Internet Business
  • How To Publish A Home-Schooling Newsletter For Fun And Profit

Faster And Easier

The idea here is to position your report as a resource that reveals information to enable the reader to accomplish some task faster and/or easier than they were previously able to do.

Some examples are:

  • 7 Ways To Get Faster Results From Your Loan Request
  • How To Re-String Your Tennis Racket In Half The Time
  • The Easiest Way To Get Traffic To Your Web Site
  • The Easiest Way To Lose 5 Pounds
  • 5 Simple Strategies For Reaching Your Goals Faster
  • How To Skip A Few Rungs As You Climb The Corporate Ladder


And there you have it – 21 red-hot ideas for your next report!

And you also have the exact step-by-step instructions and checklists you need to start from nothing – not even an idea – and quickly start and grow your “small reports” business!

Just one thing: Keep moving forward. Keep creating reports. And keep creating products with higher ticket prices… because the secret to making a small fortune with a small report is to keep selling more products and more expensive products to your “small reports” customers.

Here’s to seeing BIG results with small reports!

Lazuk Hasan

I’m Lazuk Hasan, Internet Marketer with over 7 years experience in Traffic Generation. It’s been a crazy ride and through my stories, guidance and tutorials on this blog. I want to help you do the same!