5 Effective Ways To Get Targeted, Real Instagram Followers

In 2018, social media traffic will play a big game. When we talk about social media, we may think about Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

But when you need the highest rate of engagement, Instagram is best. Instagram is the best image and video sharing platform.

Here you can share interesting images and videos related to your audience.

Organic reach for Instagram is better than Facebook. So, you can be benefited more. Before getting audience attraction, you need to gather enough followers.

If you have very few followers and you want to get more Instagram followers, need to apply some tricks.

Here I have shared 5 secrets of getting more followers on Instagram.

Be Creative In Your Profile

Your profile is the place where the audience will look at first. So, you need to create your profile creatively.

Optimize your profile like you are optimizing a site for the search engine. Give all real information in your bio.

Explain to your audience who you are and what you are going to provide. Also, give a strong logic why people should follow you or how they will be benefited.


Make sure you are writing the bio on a plane but professional English so that audience gets the point.

If you want to drive the followers to a particular web page or your store, give the link in the bio.

Give Importance to Your Content 

Like a website, content plays a vital role on Instagram. If you are not expert enough in generating user-friendly contents, hire a content creator.

You will find some real experts in different marketplaces. Negotiate with the content creator to ensure your benefit. Be tricky when selecting the content creator or content manager.

Now tell the content creator what you are expecting and what kind of contents do you want.

The creator will research your audience to give the best. If your content is engaging, you will get more Instagram followers within a short time.

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High-Resolution Photos and Videos

Have you checked the profiles of your competitors who have tons of audience?

You will find they are publishing only high-resolution images and videos. The reason is, high-quality image and videos easily grab the audience attraction.


For this work, you need an intermediate level photo and video editing skill. But don’t be tense, this is not going to be a big issue.

Watch a few editing tutorials, and you will get the concept. You can also use some premium online tools for editing works.

However, there is always the way to outsource your works. You can hire a professional editor on a contract basis.

Research Enough for #hashtags 

After publishing the image or video, it is time to reach your targeted audience. When you want to reach your posts organically, need to use the right #hashtags.


There are different third-party tools for the work. You can also use the AdWords tool of Google.

You shouldn’t use tons of hashtags. Keep it within a limitation. Only use the hashtags that people tend to search on Instagram.

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Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing should be a vital part of your Instagram marketing strategy. Find out the influencers in your niche. Partner with them for reaching more audience. And more audience means more followers.

You can directly contact influencers to get more Instagram followers.

Ask them to shout out for your account. Or, you can use different marketplaces or third-party tools for the work. You need to spend some money on this method.

But it is worth to invest in influencer marketing.

Final Verdict 

When you get more Instagram followers to your new account, it will be easy to promote any business. No matter how much money have you spent on the marketing strategy.

You will get all those money back if you are on the right track. So, when hiring people for the work, don’t compromise with the quality.

Lazuk Hasan

I’m Lazuk Hasan, Internet Marketer with over 7 years experience in Traffic Generation. It’s been a crazy ride and through my stories, guidance and tutorials on this blog. I want to help you do the same!