How You Can Create Mini Course or Giveaway Report

First of all, thanks for visiting my site. If you are a beginner in the field of online digital marketing and want to make money with affiliate marketing, then you must read this step by step affiliate marketing guideline.


At first, we have to understand what free giveaway report is? Here, I have seen in most of the blogs are suggesting creating free eBook for giving as a gift to the customers.

But, most of the blog articles skip the main point. Here I am going to explain the detail in step by step.


What is Giveaway Report?

Giveaway report means, giving something to the subscribers for converting them into potential customers. You will provide some value, and your customer can grab it by submitting the email. The thing is straightforward.

Suppose, if you have a good knowledge about any topic, then you can create a Video or PDF e-book with your expertise field. You have to create a landing page for giving away that report and when the visitor wants to collect the file, he needs to submit the email address.

So, giveaway report is mainly a report which we will use to collect the subscribers email list.

Why Is Giveaway Report Important?

Hope now you know what giveaway report is. In most of the articles, you will only know this simple info.

But, the most important part is, What you will give as a giveaway?

Something like your wish or else?

Yes, the main thing is here, and you need to create a giveaway report that matches with your product.

You should make a giveaway report related to your product. Let’s give an example which will make it easy to understand.


See the above image. Here I am showing a landing page where I am saying to my visitors how to rank a video on YouTube within 7 days and how to make money from it.

Have I shared any product link or tried to sell a product?

No, here I am inviting the visitors to watch a free video. When he submits the email, he will see a page like the following image.


See here. When the visitor has submitted the email, and pressed the continue button, I am showing the page of the image.

Here I am showing the video that I have mentioned previously and shared some information like the headline.

When my subscriber is watching the video, he is getting the information about “how to rank your video” which i told on my landing page.

And after finishing the video the subscribers will get a sub-title under the video where i told “how to make money“.

If my subscribers want to learn more about making money using video he will click on the “Watch Now” button.

60% to 70% subscriber will click in the link. And when they are clicking on the link, I am sending him to a new page like below image.


What do you see in the above image?

Yes, this is an affiliate product sales page, and when someone buys from here, I will get a commission.

That means, I am promoting a product related to YouTube, but on the landing page, I am giving a gift and then technically transferring them to my affiliate product sales page.

Keep in mind, when you are making a giveaway report, it should be related to the product and make a plan how you can convert the visitor into a potential customer.

How to Create a giveaway Report?

Hope, now you know what giveaway report is and how this can help you to get sales.

Now, we need to know how we can create a giveaway report for our products.

You can make a giveaway report in different ways. If you know detail about it, you can create a PDF book or a video yourself for promoting the product.

But, if you are not a technical person and you don’t have enough knowledge about the product, there is a different way for you which I am going to discuss in the next step.

How to Crete a Report Yourself?

Before making the report, you need to fix what you want to write or what kind of videos you want to make.

Here, you need to think, where the product can be helpful.

Find some problems where the product can be a good solution, and that will be the content for promotion.

Make sure you are keeping some valuable things in the contents that your subscribers expect.

For example, let’s thing you want to sell some copyrighted products. Then you can create 5 different contents like-

  • Selecting the right market.
  • Ways to increase the interest of the customers.
  • Keeping the audience attraction with an interesting introduction.
  • Increasing the demand for the product and
  • Making successful your goal.

If you are trying to sell “how to” type products, you should do it five steps. (This is my personal opinion and I got the ideas from my successful strategies.)

At first, you need to create some bullet points with which you like the rest of the part. If you search on YouTube with the bullet points, you will get a lots of ideas for creating more valuable videos for your subscribers.

Tips: If you are unable to provide the lessons in step by step, you can say something like, “For more information, you can see these 5 tips” or, “5 secrets to increase the conversion rate“.

How to Create Report With PLR?

If you can’t write your own contents, then you can use some Private Label Rights products. There are different products that you can purchase for branding your company.

Maybe you are thinking how to do it?

Well, here I am going to share the detail.

What Private Label Rights Actually Is?

Private Label Rights is the using right of existing products. In simple words, someone has made a product, and this is selling with the ownership.

The vendor is giving you to the permission for editing the product and using it with your name.

Some products also give the resell rights. That means you can even sell those products to as a owner.

Maybe now you are thinking how you can be benefited from this product.

Well, if you are a newbie and you can’t write or create a video, you can purchase PLR products for giving to the subscribers to collect the mail.

You will get some word format books, some email copies, banner and more.

There is nothing to be afraid. Usually, PLR products come at an affordable price.

If you go to google and type “Your niche”+PLR, will get so may results where all the products are PLR.

I personally use


Here I have taken lifetime membership only with $97. They provide new products on a regular basis.

Since you will do the work professionally and there is no recurring bill in, so I will recommend this service if you want to do the work professionally. The best way is taking the membership of this site.

There are more than 11,500 PLR products on this site. You will get products related all niches.

Suppose you want to sell a product related to twitter marketing. If you don’t know about twitter marketing, search there if there are any books related to twitter marketing.


I got that list of e-book about twitter marketing on So, you will get almost every niches products.


So, i think you understand about giveaway report and how it will help you to collecting email lists.

So as a overview of this article – at first you have to find a product for promote and then you have to create a free report around the product.

When you are creating your report you should focus on the problems and solutions which are giving the product.

If you are not technical person then use site for getting PLR products and make your own report without any hassle.

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