How To Find A Profitable Product To Sell Online

First of all, thanks for visiting my site. If you are a beginner in the field of online digital marketing and want to make money with affiliate marketing, then you must read this step by step affiliate marketing guideline.


If you already have selected the niche, before finalizing it, you need to check if there are enough products in that niche.

It is not a big issue. In each niche, you will find some good products for sure.

But yes, for becoming successful, you need to consider some additional facts.

Now, let’s see how we can find out some good products. Before finding good products, personally, I follow some criteria’s.

The things are-

  1. The commission for the product should be at least $10.
  2. Availability of the recurring commission for the product.
  3. Products sales funnel.
  4. How is the product sales page?
  5. If the product vendor is giving the JV page for the affiliates or not.

Here I am going to elaborate these factors so that you can understand easily.

Product commission:

We must select a product which will generate at least $10 profit for each sell.

Because, when you will advertise for selling the product, you will be comfortable when spending money on the advertisement.

But, if the commission rate is lower than $10, at the end of the month, you will not have a positive (ROI) return on investment.

Advance level marketers count this as the EPC or earning per click.

Recurring commission:

Recurring commission means re-bill. Suppose, it can be a monthly membership. The customer needs to renew or upgrade the membership in each month.

If your selected product has recurring billing option, it will be a good thing for you.

So, if we sell the membership to one member, he will upgrade in each month.

And, in each month, you will get a commission without any additional work.

Some companies provide the commission with revenue share. Here revenue share means a particular percentage.

Because the company may have a variety of products with various price.

So, they can’t provide a fixed commission, and so they provide a percentage.

For example, it can be 30-40%.

So, if the product has the recurring option, it will be profitable for us.

Sales funnel:

We consider sales funnel as a system for selling the product where the product manufacturer creates some steps for converting the audience into a customer.

Maybe you have noticed that some companies are giving the free product or e-book and you need to submit your email for claiming the product.

So, the product owner gets the email and send emails to you on a regular basis for buying a related product.

There may have a product link in the email.

We call this system as sales funnel.

Just like this process, almost every digital product has its own sales funnel. Let me make it easier.

Suppose, you are visiting a restaurant for eating pizza. The waiter will ask you, “Sir, which drink will you prefer?

Maybe you were not interested in ordering a drink. But, when the waiter asked you, you thought yes, you can take a drink.

Think about it, the waiter has sold a related product with the main product. This is called sales funnel.

When a digital product is selling, there are some other related offers which is known as (OTO) One time offer.

So, we should check if our selected product has an OTO on the backend.

Thus, we can sell more than one products at the same time.

How is the product sales page?

We need to ensure that the product sales page is attractive and there is available sufficient information for the product.

The sales page must have a mobile responsive outlook. Because we may need to sell our products to mobile users too.

If the sales page is not responsive, the mobile visitor will not be able to see the product page clearly.

As a result, he will lose his interest in the product.

Beside this, we also need to check the availability of social proof or testimonial. If the testimonial is available, it will be good for us.

Also, there should have a direct “buy button” instead of opt-in form.

Is the product vendor providing a JV page? 

JV page means join venture page. In the affiliate marketplaces, the product vendors create a page with some essential information about the product.

They create this page for the convenience of the affiliates and you can check how the sales funnel is.

In most of the time, vendors give email swipe and banners copy so that affiliate marketers can give the real information about the product to their audience.

So, we should check if our selected product has a JV page or not.

Now, let’s see, the whole process of selecting a good product in practical.

Here, I have used Clickbank as an example of choosing products. We know first we need to select the niche and then we need to search for products.

My main niche is making money online, and if I open Clickbank marketplace and click on the marketplace, it is showing all the categories.


From here, if we click on our niche or category, it will show the list of products.

Here I have to select the gravity, and it will appear the top listed products which already have got tons of sales, and there is high competition for those products.


Here I am seeing lots of products with high gravity are the top selling in that category.

Another thing is clear from it, the product which has more gravity has higher competition. But no need to be afraid.

Here I am going to share the detail how we can win this competition.

Let’s try to know the details of top selling products and analyze the criteria of our selected products.


Here, see that the product has a gravity score of 90+ and there is a link named affiliate page.

There are also some other criteria such as Initial Sale: $28.19 and this means if you sell the product, you will get $28.19 commission.

Also, see another thing in the above image, here the Average Sale is $130.19

This average sale is indicating you can earn up to $130.19 by selling this product.

That means this product has some OTO offer.

Most of the criteria has matched with this result. Such as the commission is above $10.

They have a JV page, and it also has good sales funnel with which if I promote the product. If I promote this product I can make up to $130

Now let’s see how their JV page is and how is the sales page.

Below, I am showing their JV page.


In this page, we are seeing that the vendor is giving lots of things such as the free report, email copy, banner, etc.

There is enough information on this JV page just like we were looking for.

Next, we need to check the sales page.


The sales page is looking good and also have enough social proof on it like video testimonial from some giant marketers of the world.

And finally, it is showing a direct “Buy Button” and monthly billing option. That means it is a recurring product.


You can check the recurring option from their JV page. This product match with most of the criteria that we have discussed before.

If you want to select this product, and want to generate the affiliate link, click the promote button and you will get the affiliate link where you can send your visitors.

Hope, now you know how you can select a good product.

Traffic Proof

But, before the final selection, don’t forget to check some other points. Copy the link from your product’s sales page and paste it in Similarweb.

See the result to know the monthly traffic estimation and other things.


If we find similar data like the images, we need to understand this product has high demand in the market and we can finalize the product for affiliation.

Google Search

Search on google for the product that you are thinking to promote and check if there is any paid ad for the search result.

If you see there are lots of paid advertising, it means you should work with this product immediately.

Here showing paid advertisements in the search result indicates that there are so many people who are already working with this product and they are getting positive feedback.

That is the reason they are spending money on the advertisements.


So, if the above criteria match with the product, finalize the product and create your virtual identity.


(If you are from the outside of USA, using a VPN will be better for you. Because Google shows the search result based on the country location. If nobody is giving paid ad for your country, you are not going to know if there are paid advertisements for this product or not.)

Resources: VPN– HideMyAss | Web Traffic Research:

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