How To Find And Choose A Profitable Niche

First of all, thanks for visiting my site. If you are a beginner in the field of online digital marketing and want to make money with affiliate marketing, then you must read this step by step affiliate marketing guideline.


Hope now you know what affiliate marketing is. Now, if you have understood what affiliate marketing is, the first step of your affiliate journey is selecting the niche.

Here, niche means a topic or category. Before you go through the marketing, you need to take the decision in which niche you are going to do affiliation.

Also, you must select which kind of product will you sell to your audience.

Most of the beginners spend lots of time only for niche selection, and they don’t understand which topic will be best for making money.

Here I am going to share the detail how you can select a niche.

For making the process easy, here I am doing product research, and you can follow the same process.

Niche research: 

First, you need to do brainstorming for selecting the niche or topic. In this point, the best practice is giving preference to your interest field.

How will you find your interest?

Well, ask some questions yourself for finding which your interest field is.

For Example:

  • What are your hobbies?
  • What job do you work now?
  • What kinds of sites do you visit regularly and/or have bookmarked on your computer?
  • What kinds of TV shows/channels do you like to watch?
  • If you had $1000 to spend right now to spend on yourself, just for fun.
  • What type of events do you like to attend?

Here, brainstorming means thinking about a variety of topic around you and assuming if there are enough products on that topic or not.

Also, you need to consider how much money can you make with the products of that particular topic.

Here I am going to give a simple example which will clarify what a niche is.

Suppose, if you think about traveling, it will be easy for understanding. You are assuming that traveling is a trendy topic and it is profitable for doing affiliation.

People love to travel a lot.

Now think if there have any way to make money from traveling and how much money can you make.

Also, is it profitable for you or not?

When you are thinking about traveling, there are also some other related things to this topic.

For example, preparation for traveling, schedule of the tour, and where you are going to travel.

Let’s dive into more details.

Suppose you or someone else is going to travel. The first thing you need to consider is how to go for traveling.

Before going to travel, the person needs to buy some essential stuff and need some guideline for making the tour flawless.

From this niche, you are getting lots of products that you can sell to your audience.

For example, you may sell travel bag, air ticket or booking, tourist guide, etc.

Here we are discussing travel, and this is our niche. And the products that we are thinking to sell are the affiliate products. People who will buy these kinds of stuff are our targeted audience.

From the above discussion, it is clear what is niche and how we need to select a niche.

There are also some other facts that need to be considered for researching niche.

Some of the other points that we need to give importance are-

Google trends:

If you are thinking to work with the travel niche, you can go to the google trend. Google trend will give you some amazing suggestions for your niche, and you will be able to know if the niche is profitable for you or not.

Google trends

Here you can do your niche research like a pro.

At first, you have to write the name of your niche in the “Explore topic” search box. (Here I am showing the process for the niche “make money online”)

If I write “make money online,” in the search box, Google is showing the result as the following image.

make money online google trends

Here google trend is showing me the information on monthly estimated search traffic on Google for my search term.

Here the traffic scale is between 1 to 100.

More the limit of the scale more the demand and competition in that particular niche.

In this stage, most of the people ask if the competition is higher, is it a good niche to go?

I always say higher competition is good as it indicates the demand of that niche is higher in the market.

In this stage, you don’t have to think about selling product.

If you do overthink, the strategy will become complex to you.

So, take this as easy, and here I am going to show in step by step process, how you can professionally do the work in this field and how you can sell products.

Here we will see, if our selected topic has demand in the audience or not.

Another important thing that we need to think is if the topic or the products are seasonal or not.

For example, think about the valentine day gift. If I search for Valentine Day Gift in google trend, it is showing the result as shown in the image.

Valentine Day Gift

You can work on this topic for 1-2 months of the year. People don’t think about it in the rest of the year.

If you want to work with Valentine day gift, you are understating that you are not going to get sales in all around the year.

Avoiding seasonal niche or product is essential.

Make sure you are selecting an evergreen niche or the product for affiliation.

Hope, now you understand how google trend can help us to choose a perfect niche.

Checking the affiliate marketplaces: 

In the next step, we need to ensure there are enough products available in our selected niche.

Because we can only choose those niches where already have a variety of products, and they are selling well in the market.

You can find products related to your niche by using 

offervault website

Write down your niche in the “enter the search term” and click the search button for a detailed result.

Here we are seeing there are a variety of products to make money niche.

If you search for Valentine Day Gift, will get a result like the following image.


We see there a few products in this niche. So, we realize that there are not sufficient products in this category and we have fewer chances to make money with these products.

Now, let’s go directly to an affiliate marketplace like the most popular affiliate marketplace 

Here we will check the marketplace menu, and we will check if there are enough affiliate products and how is the demand for those products in the market.


Here we see that there are lots of categories and each category is a niche. If you click on the e-business and e-marketing category, will get the following products list in that niche.


We are getting more than 400 products in this niche. Now, we have to check if the products are selling well or not. For testing this thing, we need to go into product research, and we will learn how we can select good products.


Niche Research: Google trends | Offervault | Clickbank

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