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Lazuk Hasan

Lazuk Hasan is an entrepreneur from Dhaka, Bangladesh. He spent his initial years in business struggling with many frustrations, disappointments and downfalls.

Having an incredible vision, and a persistence to never give up, he built his first 6 figures dollar business online in the digital marketing space at the age of 26.


John Smith (Affiliate Marketer)

If I want to learn something, I go to someone who has demonstrated by results that they know. Lazuk Hasan  knows!            .

H. Jackson (Affiliate Marketer)

We need more people who are honest, legitimate, moral, ethical, and do business to make the world a better place... and this is Lazuk

Andrew (Affiliate Marketer)

Lazuk Hasan's teachings have not only had an impact on my life, but have transformed my kids lives.Powerful stuff!

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