Email Automation: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an Autoresponder

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Welcome once again to my email marketing guideline. We already have learned how to create a landing page, and a sales funnel.

If we already have the giveaway report, now we need to make a good relationship with the subscribers.

Now the question is, how to create a good relationship with the subscribers?

Here I am going to share the process in step by step, hope you will understand easily.


From this article, you will learn-

  • What is Autoresponder and how it will help in our business?
  • How you can create an Autoresponder.
  • How to send emails on a schedule.
  • And how you can generate sales from there.

Why We Need the Email Marketing Services?

Email marketing is called the life blood of online marketing. People try to explain this thing with different hypothesizes. But, here I will try to explain this situation with a story.

Let’s go to the story.


Suppose, you have a restaurant where you get 50-100 customers each day in an average. If 100 customers come in a day, you are getting 3000 customers per month.

Now, if I ask you who are the customers of your restaurant?

Can you give the accurate answer?

Maybe no will be the answer from most of the people. Because customers come to your restaurant but, you don’t know them or recognize them.

Why you can’t tell me? Because, you do not have any tracking information of your customers.

Now, if you know who the customers of your restaurant and what food items they order, you can easily give the new information about new items to your customers, and you don’t need to do marketing each time.

But, if you have had collected the email addresses of the customers, you can easily send the information of different foods to them. And your customers will have come to your restaurant for testing those items.

Am I right?

Now, maybe you realized why you need to build an email list. I have mentioned previously how you can make subscriber list.

When you are making a list, you need a database system for managing the list. In case of online marketing, you need an automated system for managing the emails.

How Will Autoresponder Manage Your List?


Autoresponder works for managing the email list to adding new emails to the list, controlling unsubscribe, auto email response, schedule-based mailing and many more.

If I give an example, you will understand how autoresponder works.

Suppose you want to collect the visitors email addresses. You plan to create an e-book and after completing that ebook you are giving it for free to your visitors.

Now you have to create a landing page and opt-in form for collecting the email addresses. When the visitor is providing the email, the opt-in form collecting the email addresses and it’s going to store on your Autoresponder automatically.

So, now think about the thank you page. When your visitors entering their email address and submitting the download button you have to send them to the another page.

Maybe you are saying on your landing page like that, “submit your email address and we will send the book to your email.” Now, if peoples are submitting their emails, will you send the eBook link for each one individually?

This is not possible because you will not be in online for 24 hours.

Another fact is, whenever someone submits the email, they hope you will send the eBook instantly.

Now, the autoresponder will do this works for you, and it will send pre-written emails to the subscribers on the schedule basis.

In Case of Email Marketing, There Will Be Two Options

I have seen most of the people create their own email server and send the emails in a bulk amount. And some people use the 3rd party software. Maybe you think which the best for you is.

Here I am going to explain the things in detail and in which way you can step forward.

Hosting Personal Autoresponder

If you want, you can use some scripts. Some web hosts give the facility to install this script with one click. In some cases, you may face some issues such as the email service provider (ESPS) or the ISPS may keep the emails in the spam box.

So, there is a chance that the targeted people will not see the mail. Also, maintaining the personal server is costly, and it is a complex process.

Here you will miss lots of features that needed for your automated business.

Personally, I never prefer marketing from own email server. So, you should use the alternative of this system.

Using a Third-Party Services

If you want to take your email marketing to the next level, there is no alternative to third-party email marketing services. Some such service providers are, (Usually I use this), and MailerLite (I use this service too).

This service will provide you different options, and the best thing is, they will send the email directly to the inbox of the subscribers.

This is not the only reason for using these services; there are also some other advantages, and they are-

  • Responsive designs.
  • A/B testing.
  • Auto Responder.
  • Email creator
  • Landing pages creator
  • Social sharing features
  • Email intelligence (analytics)
  • List boosters (ease of importing contacts)
  • Form builders
  • Inbox preview
  • RSS to email
  • Time travel (more on this later on)
  • Online surveys

Another facility is, you don’t need much technical knowledge.

Because, these services have the resource with videos for learning how to create an email list, how to keep the subscription form, how you can upload email and more.

How Can I Create An Account In Autoresponder?

Personally, I use the service of GetResponse. Comparatively, this platform is better than others in my point of view. There are some reasons behind it.

Above, I already have mentioned what facilities we are going to get from an Autoresponder.

Here We Will See-

  • How to signup for GetResponse?
  • Setting up your first campaign
  • Setting up an autoresponder
  • How to create email messages

First, you need to visit The registration process in this platform is so easy. When you are visiting their site, you will find a menu at the top for registering there.


Here give your email address and password and click “Create Account.” Now, you will get a verification link, and you need to click this link.

Then you need to give some basic information such as the name, phone number, etc. After filling the boxes with the information, it will bring you to the dashboard.

Here you need to remember one thing. You should use the branded email in the email information query (ex:

It will help you with branding and increase the inbox rate.

Here most of the people use an email service such as (, I have experienced that branded email increase the inbox ratio.

After completion of the account, step forward to your first email campaign set up.


In your dashboard, you will find an option named contact and click here.


Now, our first work is, making a subscriber list. If you click the “Create List” button, it will give the options for creating an email list, and you can input the name of the list and then click create.

Now, we need to go to the email marketing menu and click on the autoresponder. Here we can keep the emails of the subscribers in advance.

For writing the emails, click on the “create new” button. You will get a form like the following image-


Here, write the name of the autoresponder for your convenience. Now, you need to select the dates when you want to send the emails to the subscribers. Then you need to choose the list where you want to send the emails.

In the send message option, there is a term named “Immediately”. It means, whenever someone subscribes, it will send an email to the subscriber Immediately.

Now, keep in mind that the email scheduling process is the same. In the area of date, if you write 1, that means the subscriber will get the email after a day. Hope you understood.

In the next step, you will find the area of writing the email. If you click on Create new email, it will appear the areas for the name of the email, subject line, and the email from where you want to send the mail.


Now, as you fill the information accurately and click on next, GetResponse will show you some prebuild templates. You can select any of the templates by clicking on it. You will also get the option of customizing the template by clicking on it. Write the email as you wish.


Here, after writing the email, you can also check the mobile format if you wish. After finalizing everything, click next and done.

In this way, you can write the emails previously, and autoresponder will send the emails based on your schedule set up.

Hope, you have learned the basic setup of autoresponder from this post. This will be more friendly and easier with works and practice.

If you are unable to understand any of the points, comment here for letting me know and I will try to give the solution.

If our sales funnel is ready, now the only work we need to do is sending traffic to the sales funnel. For knowing how to generate traffic, see how we can generate traffic and how can we make a loyal customer-based email list?


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