CPM Advertising Programs: 3 Highest Paying CPM Ad Networks

When you have traffic on your blog, there are tons of ways to make money from it.

It is not always necessary to monetize the site with the popular methods. Among different approaches, CPM advertising is the best.

You can make serious money with CPM Advertising.

The full meaning of CPM advertising is Cost Per Impression. That means you will make money for the impression of the ad.


There is no need of any click on the ad for making money.

Here I am going to explain the detail of how to make money with CPM advertising.

How This Method Works? 

First of all, you need a minimum amount of traffic to your site to get the approval of the CPM advertising networks. The number of traffic vary with ad networks.

When you have fulfilled the essential requirements, you can apply for the approval.

Once you got the approval, you need to use the code of that ad network on your site.

Now, the ad network will provide the advertisements on your site.

Based on the rate of the revenue sharing, you will get a handsome money for every thousand impressions. When you reach the minimum payout, you can ask for the payment.

What are the Benefits of CPM Advertising?

There are several benefits of CPM advertising. Some of the advantages of this method are-

  • You don’t need any click on the ad.
  • Easy to get approval if you have fulfilled the requirements.
  • No strict rules like the CPC advertising.
  • Payment is guaranteed.
  • Better revenue with less effort.
  • The process is so easy even a new blogger can get approved.

What are the Best CPM Networks of 2018?

As I mentioned earlier, there are different CPM networks you will find in online. Here I am going to introduce you to the most popular networks.



This is an excellent CPM network to make money from your blog. They have the advertising models for all screen types.

This is the main reason for the popularity of this network. Also, there are multiple payment options in this CPM network.

Starting with Propeller Ad is easy. You need to create an account at first.

Then the blogger needs to add the domain and verify ownership.

For the payment, they follow the Net 30 payment policy. That means it will take maximum 30 days to give the payment after reaching the payment threshold.

They offer the 80:20 for revenue sharing. You can withdraw the money through Payoneer or wire transfer.

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They have the both CPC and CPM revenue sharing structure. Blogger loves this platform because of their anti-adblocker technology.

So, you make money from most of your traffic.

The minimum payout is $50, and there are no transaction fees for the payment withdrawal.

They have a wide range of payment options for the bloggers.

The interface of the ad network is easy to understand. For starting with them, you need to sign up for the network.

After the account creation, you need to get approval for the advertising.

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Amazon CPM Ads 


No matter if you are not getting enough sales from Amazon affiliation, you can use their CPM advertising system.

This is a popular way to make money with CPM advertising.

Before you are applying for the network, you need to be an affiliate of their affiliate program.

You need to add the site list to their system before starting advertising.

However, the revenue is lower than most of the popular CPM networks. But this is a high authority site, so bloggers tend to use this network a lot.

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Final Verdict

The advantage of CPM network is, here more traffic you get, more money you can make. Without the above networks, there are also some other CPM networks in online. But these three are popular, and the rate is comparatively high.

You need to drive more and more traffic to make money with CPM advertising.

Lazuk Hasan

I’m Lazuk Hasan, Internet Marketer with over 7 years experience in Traffic Generation. It’s been a crazy ride and through my stories, guidance and tutorials on this blog. I want to help you do the same!