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How to Choose a Domain Name for Your Business

First of all, thanks for visiting my site. If you are a beginner in the field of online digital marketing and want to make money with affiliate marketing, then you must read this step by step affiliate marketing guideline.


Once again thanks to everyone! Hope you guys already have selected the niche and the products that you are going to promote.

So, in the next step, you should create a virtual identity. Here, the virtual identity means the domain name.

In this point, some people ask is it possible to work with a free domain?

As there are some platforms where you can create a site with a free domain or sub-domain. A paid domain is not a must follow rules.

But, if you want to do the work professionally and want to do branding, there is no alternative to a premium top level domain.


Here I am going to share a step by step guideline how you can select a good domain and a hosting service.

Make the Name Easy

You should select a name for the domain that people can understand and remember easily. Make sure that you don’t have put a hyphen symbol between the name.

Suppose, you have selected the domain as (dog-training4u.com). When you say the domain name to your audience, it will be difficult for people to remember.

Also, when they want to type the domain name, it can go wrong.

The domain name should not be confusing. Instead, it should be easy so that anyone can remember.

You can do a simple thing. Tell the domain name like you are saying it to your friend, or you are saying it on the radio.

Is It Easy to Understand the Name or You Need to Explain Even After telling?

Suppose, you are using “to” in the domain name, people may guess this as to, too, two or even 2. So, you need to clarify the domain name after telling your audience.

And if you find you need to explain the domain name each time, it indicates the domain name is not good at all.

Does Your Domain Have to Include Your Keywords?

Most of the marketers make a mistake in this step. They select the domain name related to the product name.

For example, cbpassiveincomereview.com. Here the domain name is the product name and “review” is an extension.

The problem of this kind of domain name is, you can promote only one type of product with this domain. Your audience range will be very small with this kind of names.

If the vendor stops selling the product in the marketplace, you can’t use this domain for anything. So, I never prefer domain name related to the niche.

.com Domain is the Best


Let me explain the thing. Though there are tons of tool-free numbers, most of the people think only 1-800 are the toll-free numbers. The same thing happens in case of the domain name.

When someone thinks about the domain name, they think all domain name has the same extension as .com.

So, if you choose other domain extensions such as .net, .org, or something else, people will only remember the main name, and they will use .com as the extension.

So, if you want to avoid this kind of issues, take the .com domain for your site.

Use A Domain Name Generator to Gather Ideas

If you can’t select the desired domain name as I have suggested, you can also generate some ideas using a domain name generator.

These sites will suggest a variety of names from where you can find one for you.


This is a great tool for generating domain names. Just input the main keyword that you want to keep in the domain name and it will instantly give tons of suggestions.


This tool also works like the previous one. But, here you can input multiple words and it will combine the words for suggesting domain names. You can customize the search result with different variables.

For example, you can select only the .com domains.

Name Mesh

This is one of the most popular domain name generator. Just add the main word that you want to keep in the domain name.

For a better result, select only the .com domains. It will automatically suggest tons of domain names with suffix and prefix.

You can directly visit to some popular domain service providers from this platform.

Domain Name Suffix You Can Use

Here are some templates for domain suffixes.

  • [niche name]Guide.com (e.g., dogtrainingguide.com)
  • [niche name]101.com
  • [niche name]Academy.com
  • [niche name]University.com
  • [niche name]forBeginners.com
  • [niche name]InnerCircle.com
  • [niche name]Experts.com
  • [niche name]Reviews.com
  • [niche name]Shop.com
  • [niche name]online.com
  • e[niche name].com
  • i[niche name].com
  • Master[niche name].com
  • All[niche name].com
  • Just[niche name].com
  • Best[niche name].com

Tips: In most of the cases, there is less chance of getting the domain name according to your wish. So, you can add one or two letters before or after the domain name for making it unique.

For example: Best[niche name]Online.com.

If you are finally selected a domain name, now you need to go for a domain-hosting service provider company. Most of the companies will give you various offers.

For example, they may give you the chance to purchase a domain and hosting only with $1. But you need to consider some essential facts to select the domain. Because the company will charge you higher when you are renewing the offer.

Find Out a Trusted Company

Don’t go for an unfamiliar company only because of the low price. Because you can’t be sure when the company will shut down. If this occurs, your site will be closed too.

So, before selecting a domain-hosting company, search for them in google and know their history and reputation of it.

Know About the Support

Support is a crucial fact in case of the hosting. Because, if sometimes the server becomes down or you face some issues, the support will be provided by the company.

For checking this, we need to look for the live chat or calling option in the service providers. If there is not enough support for the customers, be careful about it.

Choose Enough Bandwidth

The bandwidth depends on your traffic estimation and the size of the files that you are going to use on the site. Most of the hosting companies give the offer for an upgrade.

So, you can start with a mini package for the bandwidth. In an average, 20 GB bandwidth is good for the starting.

Tips: If you are going to use a lot of large videos or other files, you should host those files in Amazon S3.

Check If You Have Enough Space or Not

Sting Space (Space for hosting your files) is cheaper than bandwidth, that is why most of the hosting sites provide ample space. If you find your hosting provider is not giving minimum a few gigabytes space, look for another company that permits more space.

  • Check the Related Features and Advantages
  • Look for the following facilities in your selected hosting provider.
  • Lots of email accounts, free forwarding, free webmail and automatic communicating for free.
  • Adding domains without additional charge.
  • At least 20 Databases (MySQL).
  • Unlimited subdomains.
  • Easy to use control panel (particularly that will install your scripts)
  • Supported by modern programming languages such as (PHP, Perl, CGI, ASP).
  • Statistical data on everything.

If you find difficulties in researching the above factors, my recommendation choosing Namecheap for domain and Bluehost for hosting. I use the service of these providers. I also have used some other services, but these two service providers are great.

Comparatively, these two companies are reasonable and provide instant support for the customers.


I am hoping that, after reading this article thoroughly, you can create your virtual identity. In the next step, we will discuss how you can convert your visitors into customers.

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