Top 5 Ad Networks For New Publishers, Advertisers And Bloggers

For a new blogger, it is so difficult to monetize the site.

Though Google AdSense is the best way for monetization, they consider lots of factors.

Unfortunately, most of the new bloggers are unable to maintain all these factors. As a result, there is less chance of getting the approval of Google AdSense.

If you already have got rejected by Google AdSense and still want to use a different ad network for making money, then let me introduce to the best ad networks of 2018.

In this ad networks, you will get faster approval than any other platforms.



This is a good ad network for small bloggers. They have fewer conditions like the big ad networks. So, getting approval is easy on this site.

There are no minimum traffic requirements for this network.

They allow any contents including adult-related contents.

You need to sign up on their page before starting.

Once you reach the minimum payout threshold, you will get paid automatically.

There is no waiting for the approval in this network. You can instantly monetize your site with PopAds.

Info: Create Your PopAds Account Now!

Revenue Hits


This ad network is not like the conventional networks of advertisements. Here you are not going to be paid for the ad clicks or impressions.

You will only get paid when someone takes action. But you will love this network because the commission rate is pretty high.

They pay $10-$50 per action.

As a publisher, you need to place the ad code on your blog. Whenever someone clicks on the ad and complete the action, you get the money.

The minimum payout for this network is $50.

Info: Create Your RevenueHits Account



This is a popular CPM ad network which will pay you based on per thousand impressions.

The benefit of this network is, here you don’t need any clicks on your ads.

Just signup for the network, place the ad code on your blog and drive traffic.

Based on the ad type, you can make $1-$4 for 1000 views. Starting with this network is easy.

There are different payment methods including Payoneer and Webmoney.

Info: Create Your PropellerAds Account



This is one of the oldest ad networks to monetize a blog. If you don’t have a large blog, should start with this network.

Many bloggers are using this network even if they have millions of traffic.

They have a wide range of advertisement system.

So, the chance of getting clicks on the ads increases.

The minimum payout of Bidvertiser is $20 via check, $10 via PayPal and $50 via bank transfer.

Getting the approval for this ad network is easy.

Info: Create Your BidVertiser Publisher Account



Another oldest ad network for small bloggers. Once a time, this was one of the best ad networks for Google AdSense alternative.

However, this ad network is still so popular among the bloggers.

The minimum payout is $10. You can request the payment via PayPal.

The interface of this network is easy to understand. Also, they don’t have so many strict rules.

So, you will get approval within a short time.

Info: Create Your Chitika Account



Infolinks is also a big alternative to Google AdSense. I still love this platform because of their advertising system.

They offer different ad types though people know this network for text ads.

This is a trusted ad network where the minimum payout is $50.

You will get approval for even a microblog.

Info: Create Your Infolinks Account

Final Verdict 

Currently, these are the best Ad networks for the small bloggers. You can choose any of the platform based on the type of your blog. Just ensure that you have appropriately applied to the network.

All these networks take concise time for the approval.

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