Make Money Online: Writing Small Reports

Make Money Online: Writing Small Reports

Welcome to the Guide to Making Money Writing Small Reports! The ultimate information business is finding a target audience and then convincing them to make repeated purchases from you.

Namely, instead of selling a customer a $20 e-book and then looking for the next customer, you’ll want to setup a system to offer her a $20 e-book, then a $40 product, then a $497 product and finally a $1997 offer.


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  • How to Choose a Market for Your Small Reports
  • How to Find the Perfect Idea for a Small Report
  • How to Create a Great Title for Your Small Report
  • How to Write a Small Report Using the P.A.G.E.S. System
  • How to Package Your Small Report
  • How to Pick the Right Price Point for Your Small Report
  • How to Position Your Product for Mega Success
  • How to Create a Compelling Sales Letter
  • How to S.E.T.U.P. a Website
  • How to Market Your Small Report
  • Become More Productive Using This 7-Step Checklist
  • 21 Red-Hot Ideas for Your Next Small Report
  • Conclusion

Once you have worked to secure a customer or subscriber, why not allow them to spend as much money with you as they are willing?

The important thing is to get your existing customers to spend MORE money with you. And it’s all going to build upon this foundation of creating short, 7-15 page reports.

I’m not suggesting that you exploit your relationship with others and coerce them into purchasing sub-par products or things they don’t really have a need to buy. I’m talking about making products and services available that provide genuine usefulness to those who are in a position to buy.

There's a big, big difference between those two statements.


“This product is going to change your business forever … it’s the best product I’ve seen in months … if you don’t buy this today, then you’re absolutely nuts … it’s what I consider to be a ‘must-have’ for anyone who’s serious!”


“If you’re ready to XYZ, then I’ve found this product to be very beneficial in my own business. I use it myself and here are the results that I’ve achieved. I highly recommend it and will even give you a free copy of XYZ if you are one of the first 50 who buy it.”

Both are attempting to get the sale. But one is full of hype and the other is reasonable.

Back to my point.

You need to get your target audience to buy from you. And buy again. And again. And again. Despite popular belief, you can do this without being a money-hungry, conscious-less, in-your-face, psychological mind-games coercer.

So, that's the backdrop of this guide. I'm going to teach you how to:

  • CHOOSE a market
  • CREATE small reports to sell to them
  • CASH-IN on your own money-making information business.

What I want to teach you to do in this post? Create small report, 7-15 page reports that you sell to your list members in the $10-$20 range...and how to spiral them into premium-priced offers down the road. You can make a "small fortune" with "small reports" - and I'm going to show you how to do it.

Here's What It Looks Like 12 Months From Now:

  • You have 12 reports available for $10 each. (One per month.)
  • Customers buy the first one and, in time, but most of the others. (Multiple customer purchases)
  • You put together package deals of 12 reports for $97. (Larger chunks of cash per transaction.)
  • You launch an affiliate program for the $97 package and sell large quantities of the bundle. (Affiliates love ~$50 commission per order!)
  • You use your reports to launch “high ticket” offers that sell for $1,000 or more. (Skyrocket your profit!)
  • You make a “small fortune” with “small reports” (Yes, YOU!)

And it all begins right here. So Get Started Now!, We are going to discuss about choosing a market for starting small business!

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