How to Make Money Blogging: The Quickest Way I Know To Make Money Online

Welcome to Step by Step guide to making money online by writing a blog. I’m so excited to share my best Strategy – You’re about to discover a step-by-step process for publishing your own blog and making money from it! It doesn’t matter if you’re not very technical. It doesn’t even matter if you’re new to the internet.

You Are Going to Discover:

By the time you finish this series , you’ll know exactly how to start and run your own profitable blog! Listen, for this series you’re going to learn how to make money with your blog primarily by promoting affiliate offers.

To that end, you’ll complete these steps:

  • Choose a hungry niche.
  • Select a profitable, in-demand product to sell to this niche.
  • Set up a blog and start creating content that caters to the niche.
  • Promote your affiliate product on your blog and start making money.
  • Drive targeted, cash-in-hand prospects to your blog... and cash in!

You’ll learn these steps (including all the intricate details) in the next lessons…

But before we get into that, I want to show you that there are plenty of other ways to benefit and profit (directly and indirectly) from your blog.

Read on…

Establish yourself as an expert

No matter what you’re selling or what your business model is, a blog can help you achieve more because it helps establish you as an expert. Whereas people use to publish books to showcase their expertise, now most anyone can publish a blog. And once that blog becomes popular, the blogger’s status is further elevated in the niche.

And that’s NOT all.

The more good content you post, the more your readers start to trust you… and that indirectly leads to more sales. Plus if you allow your readers to interact with you (by allowing comments), that further strengthens your bond with them. End result? A more profitable blog.

Get publicity opportunities

Some people use blogs to raise their status in a niche. And some people use this elevated status as a springboard to more opportunities, such as free publicity and book deals.

Example: The big book publishers like to see when one of their newly signed authors has a platform. By platform I mean a waiting audience. A blog is one such platform. If you build a popular blog and then go after a book deal, you can bet the publishers will take note.

So far you’ve discovered three main ways to benefit from your blog.



Last time we touched on three ways to profit from your blog. And even though this course is all about making money through affiliate offers, I want to continue with this discussion so that you’re aware of the many ways to make money with your blog.

Indeed, even though you’ll make money as an affiliate, in the future you may want to incorporate some of these other methods. Read on…


Google has a program called AdSense, where they allow you to display marketer’s pay per click ads on your blog or website. When your visitors click on any of these links, you make money. The advantage is that you don’t even need to pre-sell your visitors, because you get paid for the click – not the sale.

While this is a “quick and dirty” way to monetize a blog, it shouldn’t be your first choice. That’s because if you’ve chosen a good niche and you’re sending highly targeted traffic to your blog, then you should be able to make more money by selling affiliate products.


Instead of using AdSense or placing affiliate links on their blog, some blog publishers opt to sell advertising. Generally, this means that they sell banners and text ads to people in their niche. Some bloggers also sell product reviews, but this can get into shaky legal territory if it’s not done correctly.

If this appeals to you, you can put a link on your blog where you present your advertising opportunities. You can also sell your space on blog-advertising networks like You can even sell your ad space via or


This is one of the most profitable ways to monetize a blog. Instead of promoting an affiliate offer and just keeping a fraction of the profits (generally a 50% 100% of the profits. You can create these products yourself. You can hire a ghostwriter to create them for you. Or you can even purchase the rights to other proven products (via resell rights or private label rights). Whatever you choose, you get to keep all the profits.


Yet another way to monetize a blog is by offering CPA (cost per acquisition) opportunities. This is where you get paid when one of your visitors performs a specific action, such as filling out a form. You can find these sorts of opportunities on sites like

Now you have a good overview of most of the popular ways you can make money with your blog.

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